Book review: Secrets of the Mummy Concierge by Tiffany Norris

When I first heard about Secrets of the Mummy Concierge, I knew this was going to be a book for me. Not only did I become a mum fairly recently, I love reading about people with unusual jobs who don’t follow expectations of modern career women.

Tiffany Norris shares some hilarious tales in this book about helping the rich and famous with their bumps and babies, but her unflinching honesty about her own struggles to conceive and post-natal depression will really stay with me. I picked this up expecting it to be hugely humorous (which it is, for the most part), but I’m so glad it was more than just funny anecdotes. It’s important to reference how hard it can be with a newborn – it starts conversations and allows others to open up.

That said, don’t worry that this is going to be too serious to be truly enjoyable. To prove that point, here are a few of my favourite anecdotes to whet your appetite:

  • A baby music class led by a bonefide rock star
  • Playing wingwoman at a work party to help hide an early pregnancy
  • Brainstorming baby names that have genuinely never been used before – harder than you might think!

Thank you, Tiffany, for brightening my lunch breaks with your titillating tales!

Secrets of the Mummy Concierge is out now in paperback, audio and eBook.

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